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The Juries

International Jury of Corto in Accademia
It will choose, among all the regularly enrolled participants, 10 works that will enter the finale on 23th May, The members of the Jury are:

- Claudia TRIOZZI 
She is an Italian dancer choreographer, performer and visual artist, living in France since 1985. She has performed for the choreographers Odile Duboc, Georges Appaix, François Verret, and collaborated with Alain Buffard and Vera Mantero among others. Her artistic activity goes from the stage, to the installation and videos. Her works have been presented in Europe, United States, Korea and Japan.

poppy- Poppy ARISTIDOU 
She is a lecturer in the Applied Multimedia program, under the Department of Media& Design, at the University of Cyprus. Taught courses in storyboarding, 2D animation, interaction/social media design and special effects. Aside from her teaching/academic responsibilities, she has been involved in various exhibitions, research collaborations in human computer interaction and virtual reality.

lisi- Simona LISI
She is an Italian actress, dancer and choreographer. After graduating in Philosophy with Giorgio Agamben, in 2002 she received the PG Degree in Contemporary Dance at LCDS – University of Kent. Simona Lisi works also as an actress: she participated in important both nominated and awarded movies, such as “La Bestia nel cuore”, directed by Cristina Comencini and “La grande bellezza”, by Paolo Sorrentino.



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