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Garbage apathy

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Synopsis of shortfilm

Plastic is the third most widespread human material on Earth after steel and concrete. The short film wants to underline how apathetic we are in the face of the problem of environmental pollution in our daily lives. Specifically, it will tell the characters' NON-REACTIONS to the plastic rains that will fill the screen, in order to sensitize the viewer about the consumption of plastic and its disposal. The tape is a sort of time capsule and its message spins around without being heard. A message that has been rewound and neglected for generations. The final scene starring a child, who is delicately picked up by his mother from a cradle overflowing of plastic, suggests to the viewer that our way of thinking, acting or even better reacting today will be a fundamental passing of the baton for generations. of tomorrow. Let's not let it go as if nothing had happened...
  • Name: Alessandro
  • Surname: Vazzoler
  • Month and Year of the release: dicembre 2020
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