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Tu sei mia

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Synopsis of shortfilm

It’s the confession of a betrayal. The videoclip is played on the starting ambiguity of the betrayal among human beings realized through the sequence of parts of human bodied similar to planets becoming man and woman, men and women. As the story goes on the human being becomes Humanity and the betrayed becomes the Earth..the single voice declaring the betrayal becomes a Choir. 

Humanity declares its faults and asks for forgiveness to the Earth.
The Earth keeps on listening and shows its bleeding scars. Humanity cries and promises to be helpful.
It is a declaration of Love, for better and for worse, in the good and bad luck that becomes a choral prayer.

The title wants to underline the misunderstanding meaning of possession that is often used to legitimate brutal actions but it’s anyway a hymn of love, You are Mine.
The prayer is a choir of voices of different languages coming from the Earth, from different earths, for the Earth. Humanity melts in a desperate cry. The Earth hides in its silence.

  • Name: Francesco
  • Surname: Nicolis di Robilant
  • Month and Year of the release: 2020 Dicembre
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