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"Behind the Moon"

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Synopsis of shortfilm

In my short film, the territory behind the moon became my small, grey room in a student residence located far away from Switzerland, the country of which I dreamed for a long time. Even if I had never managed to visit Switzerland, before I ended this project, I wanted to recreate the atmosphere, the surreal landscapes of this ideal, alpine country in my uncomfortable room. So, this short film represents, for me, a manipulation exercise, an effort to escape an inconvenient reality. The central idea of this film is the fact that any place (a room, a street, a city or, even, a whole country) doesn’t exist entirely in reality. Any place is, somehow, a projection of an imaginary scenery. We perceive the real space through our imaginary projections, through our personal sensibility. So each relation of a human being with a place is an intimate, unique experience which is almost impossible to evoke. This short film is about our incredible capacity to transform each place, to adapt it with our mind’s projections of space. In this case, the character transforms her little room in a miniature replica of the fabulous, magical Swiss Alps and Swiss elegant towns.
  • Name: Taran
  • Surname: Ana
  • Home institution:
  • Month and Year of the release: 03/2016
  • Notes: I think my film was inspired by the atmosphere of old mountain films. At the beginning of 20th century, it was one of the most popular film genres in Europe. In fact, the background of Swiss Alps became the central element of my movie. Being passionate about Switzerland and about Alps, I wanted to develop a project in which I could express my idealistic views about this territory. I wanted to use the mountain landscape as a symbol of an ideal place, that I could rich every time just by using my imagination. The central theme of my film is the ambivalent relation of a human being with space. Somehow, I think this short film resembles with mind labyrinth, in which truth and fiction are difficult to distinguish. It depicts the efforts to escape of a dreamlike human being. Last Year at Marienbad, by Alain Resnais, was one of the major masterpieces which inspired me for my own creation. In addition, the title of my film transmits the unreal atmosphere of my story. Behind the Moon there is a paradoxical territory where the reality has no limits, where everything is possible. I borrowed this title from the diary of Swiss writer Max Frisch, where he described Switzerland as this territory behind the moon.
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