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Synopsis of shortfilm

“Cocoon” is my first video performance which was created in the framework of the course Collaborative Art Practice - Fine Art Programme in 2015. Working in a law office while studying Fine Arts, made me realise how contemporary everyday life is ruled by stress and cultural impositions of identity that intervene in our personal lives. In this video, where I am both performing and directing, I allowed myself to express how I perceive the impact of stress on my own psychology. In the “Cocoon”, the character – myself, is found in four different environments: the garden, the church, the office and the supermarket, without further narration as to how they get there, as if they are “‘thrown’ into the world.” The garden and the church are depicted as “places where the soul feels at home”, in contrast to the office and the supermarket where the character adopts a dress code. A middle age, Cypriot, religious and working woman, whose life takes place in these environments, is personified by the character. In this way, “Cocoon” works both as a recounting of every day’s stress as well as Cypriot society’s expectations of females – at least by the older generation. In these different environments, the character’s intention is to always reach for the Cocoon. The Cocoon itself, a fragile organism symbolizing both manifestation and decay, becomes my metaphorical home; a protective space, which at the end of the day becomes a necessity. It is the appearance-possibility of the Cocoon that sets the foundations for the character’s self-driven escape motive. Therefore, the Cocoon evolves into a symbol of dissociation – it can house the character’s tensions without breaking. The reason for the character’s tensions are the audible dialogues that never take place on screen. The character reacts to the sudden electronic sounds and the haunting voices, by entering the Cocoon in a calm or frenzied manner. Since the sounds do not match the visuals, one could draw the conclusion that the source of the sounds is the character’s subconscious – thoughts and memories.
  • Name: Polymnia
  • Surname: Tsinti
  • Month and Year of the release: 05/2015
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