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"Perdersi (Lost)"

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Synopsis of shortfilm

The forest is a topos of the fairy-tale narrative and this is the place where the main character gets lost. After abandoning the safety of civilization, he leads through a forest first sparse, then thicker and thicker. Along the way he meets several opposing guardians, till the moment the forest itself will swallow him, and he will lose his direction. He will be rescued by some will-o’-the-wisps that will guide him and the animals, they too finally free from the influence of the dark forest, and lead through a new landscape of lights till its  beating heart: the god of the forest.

  • Name: Chiara
  • Surname: Martinelli
  • Home institution: ACCADEMIA DI BELLE ARTI di BOLOGNA
  • Month and Year of the release: 03/2016
  • Notes: The short film was made by combining papercut art with digital animation. The different backgrounds, characters and animals were born initially in paper format, precisely papercut technique, by using black paper (in the first two minutes of the short) and white paper (in the second part of the movie). With regard to the animation – instead - it was realized entirely in digital, after scanning the different parts. The goal was to create a short film that, despite the use of the digital technique, could maintain the characteristics of a papercut work a stop-motion animation.

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