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Life in a bottle

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Synopsis of shortfilm

The nameless protagonist lives alone in a glass bottle. He solves all the problems in his home: first the ones in the living room, then those in the bedroom, in the bathroom and lastly the ones in the kitchen. However, an unresolved question remains, to which he will not be able to give an answer: where does he come from? Where will he go? “We are the Nameless”. We all find ourselves in the same situation when faced with the unpredictability. The protagonist’s eyes, wide-open and full of terror, represent the gaze we approach life with. Each room is like an obstacle, which no one will be able to fully overcome, even if he or she tries, because the solutions to some problems are and will alway be unknown to men. The open ending failed to answer our question: “What will the end of our life be?”. This short animation wants to invite in a fun way an audience of all ages to think about life.
  • Name: Xing ya
  • Surname: Chen
  • Home institution: ACCADEMIA DI BELLE ARTI DI MILANO (Brera)
  • Month and Year of the release: marzo 2019
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