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Synopsis of shortfilm

Anagnorisis is a study and a praise of the expressive possibilities of the main geometric figures. By observing a circle, no matter what the culture or the education of a person is, he/she will perceive a round shape, encouraging and comforting; a triangle, sharp like a thorn, will cause a rigid and difficult sensation; a square, showing perfection, will cause a sense of rationality, firmness and essentiality. A dance of forms along with color, which ephasizes all its expressive abilities: so yellow, a bright color, strengthens the stinging dynamism of the triangle; red consciously majestic, perfectly completes the balanced and precise lines of the square, and blue, faint, light and calm, praises the smoothness and sculptural quality of the circle. The video analyses the various qualities of the three main geometric figures and their link with color, their stylistically fusing together still being independent entities moving according to their natural bent. Being nature itself composed by forms, the approach to a kind of animation more physical than digital (with scars, marks and imperfections) made me instill, not simply movement, but really life-force in the matter.
  • Name: Giuseppe
  • Surname: Cacciola
  • Home institution:
  • Month and Year of the release: Ottobre 2016
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